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This week we met up with friends at the Portobello Hotel for dinner before heading out to see the Little Blue Penguins at Pilots Beach, Tairoa Head. Sitting outside in the sunshine, enjoying trying out the great new menu at the Portobello Hotel.

Tour kicks off from the Royal Albatross Centre where our guide gives an informative talk about the little blue’s and what we will see on the tour tonight.

peng3 peng1
peng4 peng5
The viewing platform gives everyone a great view of the penguins arriving on their way up to their burrows.
The night we went was not only a big number of Penguins but also people, so it pays to book ahead & the guides are great at making sure that everybody gets a good view.

peng6 peng7
The penguins start heading for the shore in small groups known as ‘rafts’...& here they come!

Unfortunately our camera ran out of battery just as the penguins started to arrive so we decided to put it away and just enjoy the experience.  But we have posted this video from little Blue Penguins Pukekura site as it gives you good idea of a typical nights viewing.  We hope you enjoy watching and come and see them for yourself.

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