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Its New Years Day 2016 & we thought what a better way to start the year off with a picnic at one of our favourite spots
just 10 minutes from the Yellow House.
Off we headed in the car, just passed the Portobello Hotel & turn right at Allans Beach Road.
A short drive alongside Hoopers Inlet (a great spot for bird watching at low tide), we parked our car and walked across the paddock & followed the sandy path with our picnic hamper, down to Allans Beach.

   Allans Beach Path          Walkway to beach

Although it normaly is a quiet spot, turns out that it is a popular place to picnic as you can see one of the locals had already nabbed their spot on the beach. Best to give these guys plenty of space after all its their beach too. We decided to set up our picnic spot further along as there’s always room for everyone.

Sandy Seal


There’s almost always more wildlife than people at Allans Beach.
After our picnic we went for a wander up the beach and found more locals enjoying the sunshine!

               Yoga Seal         Seal on Rocks

Love the relaxed pose from these two! Not sure if they’ve had a big night or trying out a new yoga pose?
Either way, us locals really know how to kick the new year off right!

We hope you had a great christmas and a happy new year. We are looking forward to 2016 and all that it will bring for us here at the Yellow House and sharing it with you all!


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